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South African 

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Jessica Michelle Le Roux Artist
Jessica Michelle Le Roux


Jessica Michelle Le Roux is a contemporary South African visual artist practising in sculpture and interdisciplinary arts. The artist's work deals with sustainability, preservation and seeks to instil mindfulness within the individuals' role in existence. In addition, her work queries preconceived world views and highlights the consequence of the butterfly effect. In doing so, Jess seeks to bring awareness towards our generational perspectives, thought patterns, geographical socio-political influences and our collective responsibility in nurturing the coexistence of humankind within the natural world. 

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Digital Media


Jessica Michelle Le Roux


There is a very tactile nature of the creative process in practising as a sculptor. For me, the direct manipulation of materials enables the artwork's intent to develop to higher ends. Artists build a strong connection and understanding of their materials. There is a beautiful, wise old saying which states 'concept dictates media', which I always consider. Sculpture within my practice enables art to step into our physical space, create immersive experiences and instil an emotive response within the purpose of each work. 

Interdisciplinary: integrating methods and knowledge from different disciplines by utilising a genuine synthesis of approaches. I find the purpose of my practice often transcends in building up layers of combined media processes within bodies of work. For example, digital montage is developed from originals and selective mixed media materials are utilised in originals. In addition, I often embellish ceramic work with non-traditional materials and make use of unusual patinas in bronzes. Ultimately, I create two-dimensional backdrops for my three-dimensional work, allowing me to shape environments and immerse a space with an experience through interactions, technology and installations.

I find the creative process of developing thematic work directly by hand in the initial phase liberating, messy, scientific and unfolding. At times, it's impulsive, and a feeling flows over that one can't work fast enough to capture the vivid depictions you wish to obtain. Other moments, time spent on the same work can be still and contemplative. The initial intent is often challenged in the creative process. The rawness and instant brain to hand connection draw me to create mixed media work, primarily created with inks, acrylics, charcoal and pastels.

Mark-making processes are culminations of both spontaneous and controlled techniques. I create hand-coloured prints and mono-printing - the most painterly styles in the media. Subsequently, I evolve originals into digital montage work. The cross-over speaks to conceptual frameworks and follows more sustainable methods in reducing the artists' carbon footprint. Digitalization further facilitates the creative process and enables steadfast archival properties in small closed edition print runs.

Contemporary Art,Artist Studio
Contemporary Art,Artist Studio
Contemporary Art,Artist Studio
Contemporary Art,Artist Studio