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Kindly request available catalogues to be shared via email, you can obtain the request links in the artwork tabs or alternatively make contact here. There are insights into current work in the News tab under the Work in Progress. Artist studio visits are welcomed and can be arranged by appointment. 

In studying ceramics and taking sculpture through to a major discipline, I was honoured in being mentored by Jan van der Merwe, Ian Reedlinghuis, Renier Le Roux and Runette Kruger. Sculpture remains my preferred media practising in ceramics and bronze. Working in three-dimensional space, I frequently create interactions between interdisciplinary work. Artists build a strong connection and understanding of their materials which gains traction with time. There is a beautiful, wise old saying which states 'concept dictates media', which I always keep in mind.


The disciplines in which I practice interlink. There is magic in building up layers within an artwork.  In doing so, I rarely utilise one material as each holds unique properties, the ability to build up a relationship between these properties is to a wonderful tool. A number of my prints are hand-painted or turned into three-dimensional works. I frequently layer ceramic work with non-traditional Fine art materials. Often, I create two-dimensional backdrops for my three-dimensional work; doing so allows for me to be able to shape environments and emerge the space with experience.

Printmaking requires a keen eye, precision, patience and an in-depth understanding of methods and chemical reactions. My print work is created as mononprints -  the most painterly style of printmaking which involves adding a unique layer to the plate before printing. Printmaking mark-making processes are a culmination of both spontaneous and controlled techniques. The process of printmaking allows for unique outcomes rich in textures, happy accidents and mark-making methods which are unobtainable in other media. A varied edition of 10 works are created in my work with 5 works created as unique pieces, retaining a low edition total. 


H    E    R    S    T    O    R    Y

The path we walk, the life we are given and the roots in our foundations define us. 


History defines much of who we are.  Herstory is my take on History.  The journey of knowledge & what we pass on are subtly reflected on and intertwined within my work. 


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