2010                       BA Fine and Applied Arts, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, SA.

                                Qualified Fields: Sculpture (Major) / Ceramics / Printed Image (Major)

2007 - 2009          Fine Art Diploma, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, SA.

2006                       National N3 Certificate, Business Studies and Office Management, Umalusi FET College, Nylstroom, SA.




2019                       Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards Finalist, Ekurhuleni, SA. 


2019                        AAI / American Art Incubator

                                Selected Participant to aid Arts Social Projects utilizing AR for Community Upliftment headed by Ram Devineni.

                                In association with the KZNSA Gallery, ZERO1, U.S. Consulate Durban, the

                                Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. 


2018                       RMB Talent Unlocked in partnership with Assemblage and Rand Merchant Bank.

                                Six month Mentorship and Professional  Practice Program / Mentored by Lawrence Lemaoana 

2017                       SASOL New Signatures Finalist in top 100 Selection.

2013                       ABSA L'Atelier, Finalist in top 100 Selection, work Sold at opening Exhibition, Johannesburg, SA.




ABSA Group Limited / Hogan Lovells (South Africa) Inc. / Into Africa Film Productions




2020                        Valentine Group Exhibition, Association of Arts Group, Pretoria, SA. 

2020                        African Philosophers Fundraising Art Auction, co-ordinated by Space Mecca Studios, Johannesburg, SA. 



2019 -2020           The Home(lands) Series, AVA Gallery running parallel with the Nando's Creative Exchange Program, Cape Town, SA

2019                       Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards Finalist, Coen Scholtz Recreation Centre, Ekurhuleni, SA

2019                       Group Exhibition, The Viewing Room, St Lorient, Pretoria, SA. 

2019                       South African Annual Print Art Fair, Johannesburg, SA.

2019                       American Arts Incubator Exhibition, KZNSA Gallery, Durban, SA. 

2019                       Association of Arts Members Exhibition, Pretoria, SA.

2018                       RMB Talent Unlocked, Turbine Art Fair, Turbine Hall, Johannesburg, SA. 

2018                          Pretoria Art Museum Group Exhibition, Pretoria, SA. 

2018                          Allen & Overy War Child Auction Exhibition, Berman Contemporary, Johannesburg, SA.

2017                        South African Print Fair, GIBS, Johannesburg, SA. 

2017                        Sasol New Signatures Finalists Exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum, SA.

2013                       Golder Associates International Orphans fund, Art Auction, Midrand, SA.       

2013                       Alice Exhibition, curated by Gordon Froud, Cape Traveling Exhibition, SA.

2013                       Collaboration Exhibition, Meet me at the White Door, Clarens, SA.

2013                       Collaboration Exhibition, 4D Gallery, Pretoria, SA.

2012                       Collaboration Show, Crimson Studios, Pretoria, SA.

2012                       Limited Edition Prints Group Exhibition, Trent Gallery, Pretoria, SA.

2011                       South Africa’s International Trade Exhibition, E5 Creations, Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg, SA.

2011                       BFA Final Year Exhibition, Unisa, Pretoria, SA.

2010                       Politics, Group Exhibition, HAPP Gallery, Pretoria, SA.

2009                       Local Artist Collaboration, Art Wise, Pretoria, SA.

2009                       Selected undergraduate Bachelor Student Collaboration Show, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria, SA.






2019                       Community upliftment program contributing artist, Collaboration between Zero 1,

                                the US Consulate Durban & KZNSA Gallery, facilitated by Ram Devenini. 

2018                       Commissioned Artist, Hogan Lovell's Corporate Collection 

2018                       Collaborating Artist, Workshop linking Youth to the Arts, St Vincent School for the deaf, Johannesburg, SA.

2012                       Artist commissioned for ABSA head offices project, Soft Touch Art Advisory, Johannesburg, SA.

2011                       Concept Development and Sketch Artist for Department of Education, Impact Designs, Pretoria, SA.

2011                       Sketch Artist on set for BBC Film Productions for the documentary of the life story of Leonardo da Vinci,                                                                    Into Africa Film Productions, Johannesburg, SA.

2011                       Sketch Artist, A & DI Creative Company, Pretoria, SA.




I practice in sculpture and layered mixed media techniques, often shaping a relationship between two- and three-dimensional facets. These methods share the properties of direct manipulation yet retain delicacy and provide room for a dialogue between the ideas of suspension, shelter and progression. Many of my depictions deal with trying to represent archetypes of human emotion and existence, which is being experienced in a new manner. My work is a celebration of knowing that we as unique individuals make up us as a nation, the land and what we have come to know as home is celebrated by depicting realities of the (home)land we share.

I have an enduring fascination with the definition of a matrix; the secondary pictures in my layered works often show how we would form if the details of the primary image would reform with greater coherence. Postmodern society has created a new sense of collective identity for us, a new version of the idea of a cultural melting pot introducing the element of choice. Within this, we have the opportunity to choose who we are and what aspects we will adopt into world views to pass on to the next generation. The delicate, intricately woven social fabric of a diverse society is something that I often try to express by incorporating motifs. My figures are often bedecked in cloth that embodies multiple aspects of identity.  The silhouette often appears in my work: figures engaged in whimsical activities like making and flying kites express something of my optimism that the human spirit, our sense of belonging and our capacity for appreciating beauty can override the difficulties we face as a society.

I explore the journey of knowledge by depicting scopes of reality in the quiet, thoughtful spaces of the mind. My work deals with human presence and experience, as it is influenced by one’s geographical placement. The ripple effects of human action and interaction is a great part of my work as I seek to express moments of contact. I often consider the body as a bag for emotions which have been crafted through storytelling and developed through experiences. I seek to capture impressions which provide reflection on one’s preconceived ideas. I wish to challenge thought patterns by sharing my visual dictionary and triggers with you.


© 2019 Jessica Michelle Le Roux