The Homeland Series 

13.12.19 at 3PM

open to public

"I work in sculpture and layered mixed media techniques as these mediums share the properties of direct manipulation yet retain delicacy and provide a dialogue within the idea of suspension, shelter and progression in relation to the iconic representations of culture.  

We influence, beg, borrow, pick and choose that which we fancy in our wealth of choice in the melting pot of influences found in Africa.  We are often defined by what we are not, we are in a manner, a part of a reformation of the definition of identity for that which defines the individual has become about choice, accepted appropriation and interpreted meaning.  The ripple effects of human action and interaction is a great part of my work. I seek to express moments of contact, humans seen as emotional bags walking around and dialogue which desires to be shared.

This body of work is based on the theory, research and questioning of the series of work which I began with RMB Talent Unlocked in February this year.  By homelands I am referring to the land in which we are raised and I am not referring to the political and geographical connotations.  The body of work has continued with my work dealing with the notion that ones geographical placements formulating our world view and in turn that determines the people we come to know and understand." 


Jessica Michelle Le Roux / Artist Statement / Homelands Series



The Homelands Series



Exhibition will run 13 December - 16 January

Exhibition opening at 3PM on Friday the 13th which is open to public.  

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