New Babylon

The body of work titled New Babylon was inspired by Huizinga belief in a life driven by creativity, this was believed to have the potential to create a fulfilled and well balanced society.  Homo Ludens defined as ‘The Man of Play’.  It was said that all have a creative inner nature, if just given the chance to express themselves.  Humans would intern be creative beings driven by inspiration as opposed to work and time, the need for work would be replaced by a nomadic lifestyle of creative play.

A quest for creating a city in the sky was hypothesized by Constant based on gypsies who were banned from the outskirts of a small town.  The gypsies embraced the notion of Homo Ludens lacking knowledge of the theories, their lives were naturally lead by its ideas. With the lifestyle of the content gypsies in mind with no place to go Constant designed New Babylon; it was not merely seen as a mega-structure, but stood as a design for new culture. 



Monoprint on ghost plate

Etching on Hahnemühle

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Monoprint Sold

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“By not acting on notions of transformation we will not move forward.  These onlookers stand in awe, captivated in a moment of time, as if gossiping with a lack of understanding of what a life not run by time would be like.  The true essence of being human and living in the moment has been altered by constructs of society.  The figures ironically stand caught in the moment, unable to comprehend life in any other manner.”  JMLR


Going nowhere slowly


Etching & monoprint

EV. of 10

20X30CM plate scale


Two Worlds Apart

Unique Hand coloured etching with hand stitched detailing



© 2019 Jessica Michelle Le Roux