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Updated: Mar 7

I was honoured in being a part of the AAI 2019's incubation which was led by artist Ram Devineni. The American Arts Incubator in South Africa was in association with the KZNSA Gallery, ZERO1, the US Consulate Durban and the US Department of the State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

A handful of artists were selected for the incubation which involved a three-week program which was developed and facilitated by Ram based on his international projects which kicked off in India. Ram has achieved groundbreaking work in making a difference in communities by utilising comic books and murals that are activated by AR to provide critical messaging in where cultural and social intervention is much needed. Ram provided us with the tools to assist with local concerns, and each group had the opportunity to tackle pressing matters where they felt they could create compelling work. Our team placed focus on environmental concerns and the importance of recycling in rural communities where waste removal services are often sorely lacking. As artists, activists, creatives and designers the team was enabled with a diverse skillset. Other groups dealt with issues of drugs abuse and created a mural in the gallery, the astronaut was AR activated with their messaging and interviews with the community, I felt they truly did an excellent job.

Our group opted to create prototype comic book and created a key character whose story would be compelling and thereby provide essential messaging. Were honoured in having the comic book showcased at Comic Con Cape Town in 2019. We also had the opportunity to meet the worlds top comic artists and the creators of Marvel. Below is an overview of the events which took place at the KZNSA Gallery.

Photography Credit: Paulo Menezes

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