Look me in the Eye

Updated: Mar 7

About the exhibition

RK Contemporary curators of the exhibition titled ‘Look me in the eye’ - Astrid McCleod and Susan Bloemhof brought the show about celebrating the return of ‘sanity’. The curated exhibition asked each participating artist to interpret Caravaggio’s iconic Bacchus given our current times and state of affairs.

Artists comments

It’s always wonderful to be challenged by curators to consider notions outside of an artist’s thematic work and be involved in group exhibitions where each artist brings their own dynamics in style and take to an installation that impacts the full collection in such a unique manner. Responding to the call and keeping in line with what interests me in creating the work I want to put out there and interpreting work is always a welcomed challenge.

By Association I & II synopsis

The set is inspired by the ponderings on how the natural world and the ‘humans’ world’ interact. I considered seeing the world from the other side - the perceptions of the natural world of what humans have created and all that it encompasses.

The Satyrs and Maenads were associated with Bacchus and would follow him frolicking around like crazy dancing kooks. The graceful leopard, which was one of Bacchus’s associated sacred animals, looks on at the satyrs and quietly poses the question, has anyone seen their marbles? Look Me in the Eye Exhibition.

According to the Oxford University Press, Bacchus / Dionysus was one of the most frequently represented figures in classical and postclassical art. I have always been interested in the symbolism, depictions, and associations of what makes a central subject recognizable. The mystery, intrigue, interest and character are built up in that which surrounds and symbolizes the central representation. For me, this relates to our current times, with COVID currently being experienced as history in the making. As things slowly start to lift and we return to sanity. Questioning effects, associations and the individuals’ definition of sanity itself are essential.

The exhibition will be on show at RK Contemporary from the 2nd until the 30th of May 2021. You can view the entire exhibition catalogue on the following link below: https://rkcontemporary.com/exhibitions/look-me-in-the-eye