Sculpture Selections

Updated: Sep 1

This year has been challenging and yet, exciting in my world as an artist. My first works were acquired by international collectors and I have finally gained the opportunity to delve into working in bronze and ceramics within my sculpture practice.

The set, Empathy i & II comments on our placement and how we interact and relate to one another. Listen was a part of the Home(lands) exhibition, a body of work that embraces a positive notion and our connection to the earth, as a place known as home which has expanded into The Senses series. His body is imbued with coverings reminiscent of fabrics as a place of home. He listens to the earth and knows this is home, his worldview is a culmination of cultures, religions, philosophy's and mindfulness.

Ricochet I is my first ceramic peice, with a tree growth ring forming the backdrop peice. The set was separated and perhaps, one day, collectors will reunite them. The female form was my first work in ceramics which is most exciting, her skin has been layered with sands from multiple provinces in South Africa representing our wonderful, unique influences.

Listen, bronze, ed. 2/14,17 x 27 x 72 cm (sold) ed. 4/14 available soon

Empathy I & II, bronze, 27 x 12.5 x 32 cm

Ricochet I & II, ceramic & Inks, varied scale


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