The Home(lands) Exhibition at AVA Gallery

Updated: Mar 7

The Home(lands) exhibition took place at the Association for Visual Arts in Cape Town, South Africa opening in December 2019 and running through until January, 2020.  The body of work explored the ongoing themes in my work which question preconceived world-views and the ricochet impacts of the butterfly effect.



Insights about the artist and the exhibition

"I practice as an interdisciplinary artist and as a sculptor,  often shaping a relationship between two- and three-dimensional facets. Many of my depictions deal with trying to represent archetypes of human experience and existence, which is being lived in a new manner of sorts. My work is a celebration of knowing that we as unique individuals make up us as a people, the land and what we have come to know as a home is celebrated by depicting realities of the home(land) we share around the world. I have an enduring fascination with the definition of a matrix; the secondary pictures in my layered works often show how we would form if the details of the primary image would reform with greater coherence. Postmodern society has created a new sense of collective experience of sorts, a new version of the idea of a cultural melting pot introducing the element of choice. Within this, we have the opportunity in defining what aspects we will adopt into world-views to pass on to the next generation. The delicate, intricately woven social fabric of a diverse society is something that I often try to express by incorporating motifs. My figures are often bedecked in cloth that embodies multiple aspects of culture.  The silhouette often appears in my work: figures engaged in whimsical activities like making and flying DIY kites express something of my optimism that the human spirit, our sense of belonging and our capacity for appreciating beauty can override in the difficulties we face as a society.

I explore the journey of knowledge by depicting scopes of reality in the quiet, thoughtful spaces of the mind. My work deals with human presence and experience. The ripple effects of social action and interaction is a great part of my work as I seek to express moments of contact. I often consider the body as a bag for emotions which have been crafted through storytelling and developed through experiences. I seek to capture impressions which provide a reflection on one’s preconceived ideas. I wish to challenge thought patterns by sharing my visual dictionary and triggers with you."

Artist Biography

Jessica Michelle Le Roux was born in Modimolle, South Africa in 1989. Le Roux is intrigued by the visual dialogue and influence of art within society, which naturally directed her studies. Le Roux obtained her BA in Fine & Applied Arts from the Tshwane University of Technology in 2011, majoring in sculpture and printed image. Le Roux's work resides private as well as corporate collections in South Africa and abroad.

Exhibition Catalogue

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