Urge - Artwork Synopsis

Updated: Mar 7

Urge is one of the first pieces in a body of work that I began exploring a few years ago, which has continued to expand over the years.


The piece comments on natures uncanny ability to protect and heal itself once man has abandoned territory. The work celebrates how nature returns and how deserted spaces are claimed back in time. The work seeks to bring attention towards preserving our fragile eco-systems; a destructive mentality causes nature to be out of balance. Often, the plants that re-establish themselves in such environments become invasive.

This particular edition is hand coloured and inspired by the beautiful relations colours embrace within nature with rich tones of warm and cool colours which we experience in the golden hour. The stark use of black and white was carved out as a gradient ombre effect at the starting point of the piece created in the underlayers of the work in a linocut print. Bold use of colours overlayed as a study of how monochrome shadows and highlights interact with overlayed colours. The scene also set out to achieve the illusion of depth and mystery in the shadows feeling as though if one were to follow the path past the sign, the forest would swallow you in.