My printmaking studio practice does not embrace the old masters traditional training. Printing involves a culmination of both spontaneous and controlled techniques. I work with unique mono-prints which are said to be the most painterly form of printmaking and frequently hand colour works.


Printmaking requires a keen eye, precision, patience and a great understanding of methods and chemical reactions. My process allows for unique outcomes rich in textures and painterly form, which is never entirely predictable. 

The landscapes which I created in this series comment on our perception of life as a culmination of our placement on earth paired with a formulated mind-set. The series further explores the notion of our perception of reality by our geographical placement and the people we have come to know and become a part of.


Each series only has a selected artworks on show, the full portfolio for each series is shown by request.  Browse through the selection below, in order to view details click on the tabs under printed image. 

A great fascination of mine is the definition of a matrix, the secondary pictures show how we would form in a successful coherence of the primary.  Post-modern society has created a sense of all in one and one in all within us.  Within this and the essence of what remains in our identity and cultural melting pot we are afforded the opportunity to choose that which is passed on, we get to choose who and what we are.

By not acting on notions of transformation we will not move forward.  These onlookers stand in awe, captivated in a moment of time, as if gossiping with a lack of understanding of what a life not run by time would be like.  The true essence of being human and living in the moment has been altered by constructs of society.  The figures ironically stand caught in the moment, unable to comprehend life in any other manner.


© 2020 copyright remains vested with the artist Jessica Michelle Le Roux