Connection and experience

Exploration of interconnectedness 

A place known as home

The man of Play


The body of work is currently in progress and aims to bring mindfulness towards the way we experience nature within a 'digital sensorium' and how postmodern lifestyle has in many ways disconnected the human experience and our integral connection within nature. The work explores the lens of experience and seeks to instil a link, appreciation for preservation and understanding that each and everyone on this planet is a part of the ricochet effect. Furthermore, the work seeks to encourage dialogue in raising concerns of our responsibility as postmodern consumerists is a world we need to learn to tread lightly in the trails we leave behind.


The series is process work which was later developed into digital art. The research set out to gain insights into the personal experience and emotional connections, responses and reactions to colour. I commenced an investigation into the meaning of colour associated, instilled and experienced within various philosophical, scientific, religious and cultural interpretations. The body of work was built out on select colours which were very predominant across the board. The study was created to bring awareness towards a celebration of diversity, and, at the same time, likeness in the essence of the shared experience of the connotations and emotional responses colours provide within the archetypal human experience.


The Home(lands) exhibition took place at the Association for Visual Arts in Cape Town, South Africa. The body of work explored the ongoing themes in my work which queries preconceived worldviews and the ricochet impacts of the butterfly effect of our thoughts and actions within society and on the earth. Select work from the exhibition showcased at the 2020 Investec Cape Town Art Fair thereafter. In this body of work, I sought to highlight the celebration of optimism within society. Impressions of strong-willed individuals and uniqueness flooded my mind whilst contemplating what it is to feel you are a part of a community. Home(lands) was interpreted as a positive idea of home where a wealth of richness in shared experience within diversity is celebrated in post-modern society. 


The body of work of neo-surrealistic landscapes is inspired by the theories of Constant Niewenhuys, who was stirred by the writings of Johan Huizinga in his book, Homo Ludens. Huizinga believed a life driven by creativity would create a fulfilled society.  Homo Ludens defined as ‘The Man of Play’ are said to all have a creative inner nature, if just given a chance to express themselves. New Babylon, in reality, had no realisation, but what it stands for can be implemented within society subtly.   Its romantic theories of a nomadic free city in the sky lives on.  “We can neither dictate nor design their playful or inventive behaviour in advance.  We can only invoke our fantasy and switch from science to art.” Constant Nieuwenhuys