Many of my depictions deal with trying to represent archetypes of human emotion and existence, reflecting on the 'worldview' by considering our surrounds and influences. Much of my work is created three-dimensional form as I find creating in a space that steps into our surrounds. The direct manipulation of materials provides a dialogue within the idea of suspension and placement concerning the representations of culture & world views. I have an enduring fascination with the definition of a matrix.  The secondary pictures in my layered works often show how we would form if the details of the primary image would reform with greater coherence.  In essence, my work explores the journey of knowledge by depicting scopes of reality in the quiet, thoughtful spaces of the mind. 


For Me I & II, bronze, Edition of 14 / Artist proof of 3, 2019

Empathy I & II, Edition of 14 / Artist proof of 3, bronze, 2019 

detail images of Listen Ed. 1/14  I  Ed. 4/14 Available



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